Maximising the potential of every child and every educator

A large number of students in India are not learning. Half the students in class 5 cannot read a class 2 text. We believe a combination of empowered teachers and powerful tools can solve this problem.

The aim of our work is to achieve rigorous student learning, high teacher performance, and meaningful parent engagement.

Our Work

We work on improving student learning by providing individualised support to teachers, world class curriculums to schools, data analytics for each student and communication for stakeholders. We currently run our programs in budget private schools and NGO partners in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore and have experience working with government schools.


No education system in the world has improved without empowering its teachers. That’s why we provide our teachers international quality workshops, 1 on 1 coaching and frequent motivational events. In these, we help teachers master best practices on content, pedagogy and student motivation.

Powerful Tools

Every professional relies on tools to do their job well but for far too long teachers have taught with inadequate tools. We aim at providing tools which are needs based, delightful to use and work in a real classroom. Curriculums, data analysis softwares and student learning materials are some of the tools we provide teachers.


As of 2018 we have worked with over 150 schools, 3000 teachers, 1,20,000 students.

% of Class 2 students who can read a paragraph fluently

Source: Independent study by Godrej Foundation + ASER reports + Publicly available data

% of Class 2 students who can do 2 digit subtraction with borrowing

Source: Independent study by Godrej Foundation + ASER reports + Publicly available data



Teacher, Dayasagar High School, Mumbai

Students are now having fun while learning. They ask me to stay back and teach for longer. Behaviour is much better as they are more aware and competitive to get higher points on the behaviour tracker. Based on the training I taught our class the values respect and teamwork. I found the students suddenly getting together to clean the classroom. I think that is because they want to show those values in class.


Head of Academic Operations, SEED Edu Corp, Hyderabad

Most of our teachers have shown progress through their classroom teaching as well as in their enthusiasm level as a teacher. They have witnessed their own growth and hence they are motivated to stay committed with the school.