Everything a child learns till Class 2 forms the foundation for learning in the higher grades and as shown by research, has incredible impact on life outcomes. Our Ignite! program provides schools with an integrated solution that ensures students leave Class 2 with mastery in foundational learning goals.



Individualised support for teachers through workshops and one-on-one coaching


World class curriculum and tools for teachers and students


Student level data analytics to measure student progress and for program innovation


Continuous communication and engagement with parents and schools

Individualised Support for Every Teacher

Best Practices Workshops

We help teachers improve their knowledge and skills by running engaging and relevant workshops. We distill best practices from around the world in bite-sized chunks and teachers spend 50% time practising, peer learning and receiving feedback from our trainers.

In-person Coaching

We visit every single teacher’s classroom multiple times in the year. We observe the teacher and then later discuss their class with them. We help them identify their strengths, share areas of improvement and document a plan of action. We then continuously follow up and support the teacher to excel on this plan of action.

Digital Support

We use whatsapp and other platform to continually keep in touch with teachers. Through these we answer their questions, conduct revision activities, share new content and follow up on their action plan. This allows us to support teachers everyday, throughout the year.

Motivational Events

We conduct several motivation events in the school through the year. These events are meant to motivate, celebrate and reward teachers. We highlight the progress the teachers and the school has made and inspire them to keep on improving in supporting all their students.


Student Curriculum

We have curated and contextualised, some of the best international early grade curricula which are based in gold standard research on neuroscience and student learning. We provide students with fun textbooks that keep them engaged. We provide teachers with informative guides to help them make the curriculum come alive in the classroom.

Teacher Curriculum

We have built a world class curriculum for teachers that helps them learn the latest best practices in teaching. This covers areas such as student motivation, classroom management, general and content pedagogy

Student level data analytics

Assessments and Data Tools for Teachers

We support teachers in designing assessments and analysing student learning data. In addition, we help them adapt their teaching to better support each child, and communicate this with parents with report cards.

Our Independent Data Analysis

We independently and continuously collect student learning data. This data is used to make improvements to our program, provide specific support to teachers and make recommendations for teachers to support their students.

Continuous Communication

With Parents

We ensure that parents are frequently updated on the progress of their children. Through various sessions conducted by our team and the teachers we invest parents in our innovative learning methodology and give them ways to support their child at home.

With School Leadership

We keep the school management continuously updated about the activities happening in their school, progress of their teachers and learning of their students. We do this through frequent text updates and in person meetings.


As of 2018 we have worked with over 150 schools, 3000 teachers, 1,20,000 students.

% of Class 2 students who can read a paragraph fluently

Source: Independent study by Godrej Foundation + ASER reports + Publicly available data

% of Class 2 students who can do 2 digit subtraction with borrowing

Source: Independent study by Godrej Foundation + ASER reports + Publicly available data


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